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Wix Domains: Want to Save Some Money?

You don’t need to purchase a domain when you build a website. But it is highly recommended that you do so if you want to give a professional image of yourself. 

In this article, I talk about Wix domains and how to register a domain name through Wix. I also introduce another way to register domains, although this route is a bit more technical. Yet, you can save money by taking advantage of it.

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KWFinder Review: Keyword Research Made Fun

Whether you are running a website or a blog, you need to have at least some level of keyword research skills. Otherwise, your competing businesses or other websites will outrank you in the search results.

When it comes to my keyword research journey, it can be divided into four phases.

First, there was the complete ignorance phase, where I didn’t understand what keyword research is all about. Heck, I had never even heard of it!

But once I got started learning internet marketing in 2008, I got introduced to this new skill. I was both excited and terrified.

Can you believe that?

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