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Weebly Pricing: It’s Simple for the Most Parts

This article discusses Weebly pricing and how much it costs to run a website on this platform. I also cover the various plans and their core features.

Weebly is one of the biggest site builders online. According to them, it “powers millions of businesses on more than 50 million sites around the world.”

Clearly, with a client base this big, they have done something right in their marketing and in their pricing, too.

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How to Work with Weebly Website Templates

I remember when I built my first website in 1996. It was exhilarating to learn HTML and eventually have your site uploaded online. And yes, back then we only had HTML since CSS arrived late to the party.

When I think about my first site, it was, ahem, exciting-looking. The reason why I say this is because all the pages had a different look. You could try to use a technique called SSI (Server Side Includes) to make the pages look a bit more uniform, but that was it.

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What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

The differences between a blog and website might be obvious for some. But even though I have been online since the mid-nineties, the differences are still difficult to see.

Recently, I have been giving this question a thought because – and let’s be honest – if someone asked me about this, I wouldn’t be able to answer it.

 So, I set a goal to figure this question out, and I thought it would be a nice thing to share the results with you.

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