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Thrive Architect Tutorial: How to Work with Thrive Architect Contact Form

Almost every website I have built has had a contact form. Once, you had to hand-code the form yourself or let someone else do it for you. But not anymore.

Especially if you are using WordPress, you have plenty of contact form plugins to choose from, and they do the heavy work for you.

But if you are using a WordPress page builder, installing yet another plugin is a bit frustrating. A much better solution would be if this basic website functionality was already built into the page builder.

This is indeed the case with Thrive Architect. You can build contact form pages “out of the box” when you use the Thrive Architect Contact Form element.

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Elementor Tutorial: How to Work with Elementor Form Builder

Every time I build a new website, there is one particular type of page that I always create: a contact form page.

I would normally install a separate WordPress plugin to achieve this functionality. But with Elementor Pro, I don’t have to do this anymore. With Elementor Form Builder, I can create multiple types of forms quickly without having to install anything extra on my website.

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