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Duplicate Post Plugin for WordPress: How to Create New Content Quickly

You are about to start writing yet another blog post, but you find the process a bit tedious. You are wondering, “Is there a way to make this process a bit easier?

If this is you, you sound like me. And yes, there is a way to make this process a bit smoother.

In this blog post, I present a neat plugin called “Duplicate Post,” a tool that has been part of my WordPress toolbox for years. And as well as showing you how to install the plugin, I also give you three alternative tools that help you with cloning your content.

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Blog Time Management: How to Find 8+ Hours per Week for Your Blog – Part 1

I can understand why you feel jealous of full-time bloggers or online business owners. 

But you are not jealous of their success, money, or pictures of their fancy travels. Instead, you are jealous because they can focus on their businesses full-time. And you can’t.

I’m not “them,” and my situation is like most of you.

I work full-time, and I commute to work almost every day. I also have a family, with a wife and a 7-year old. And I try to exercise at least 6 hours per week to keep my thoughts clear (and retain my clarity).  

But here is the kicker: I’m still able to spend 8+ hours per week on my blog. This is thanks to proper blog time management.

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