Weebly Pricing: It’s Simple for the Most Parts

This article discusses Weebly pricing and how much it costs to run a website on this platform. I also cover the various plans and their core features.

Weebly is one of the biggest site builders online. According to them, it “powers millions of businesses on more than 50 million sites around the world.”

Clearly, with a client base this big, they have done something right in their marketing and in their pricing, too.


Weebly Pricing at Glance

For the most part, Weebly pricing is simple to understand. If you choose the annual payment plan, you can save money on your subscription.

Accessing your billing information is easy, and even cancelling your subscription is simple to do.

Just keep in mind that the plan subscription is just one part of the costs you have to take care of on a recurring basis. In addition, you’ll also have to handle any potential app costs, domain name subscription or other services that you might need when running your website.



  • Pricing is simple to understand.
  • You can access and cancel your subscription easily.
  • There is no centralised place for all the expenses when running a website.
  • Monthly subscription prices are not available directly through the Weebly pricing page.

Weebly Pricing Plans Introduced

About the Currencies!

When I started writing this article on Weebly pricing, I noticed that Weebly currently showed all the prices in Euros. 

Although I also give you the approximate amounts in USD, they are based on the currency rates which were effective at the time of writing this post.

Weebly pricing is based on the plans you choose, and currently there are two main categories for them: Websites and Online Stores.

The former is used when you build a website while the latter is geared towards those who want to run an online store.

Here is a quick rundown of the website plans.

About the Prices!

Please note that the prices mentioned here are based on the annual pricing. Also, the prices were taken directly from Weebly’s pricing table and were effective at the time of writing the article.

For Websites

weebly pricing full table for websites

This plan is great for getting to know the Weebly platform. However, there are a couple of things to remember with this plan:

  • You’ll have to display Weebly’s ads on your site.
  • You can’t connect your own domain to this plan.

Then again, you also get chat and email support for your requests, which in my opinion is great, considering that this is a free plan.


Sometimes you might also see a premium plan called Connect. However, I don't recommend using it.

weebly review connect plan

The main reason for this is because you’ll have to display ads on your site, even you can connect your own domain to your website (and even if this plan costs!).

This plan is not visible on the Weebly pricing table, but you might see this when you log in to your account and click upgrade on any of your free websites (just wondering, why is this so?).


This plan is the first Weebly pricing plan that is worth considering. Currently, it costs 6 Euros/month (close to 7 USD/month), if you choose the annual billing.

It contains the same features as the Connect plan. However, you are not required to display ads on your site, nor do you have any disk space limitations.

You also get access to site statistics and even to create a small online store with 10 products.


Moving up the ladder, the next plan is Pro. This plan is geared towards groups and organizations, although nothing is stopping you from using it on your personal site.

Pro plan gives you an option to run an online store with 25 products. Also, you can also create a membership website with 100 members maximum.

Pro plan is also the first plan which gives you access to phone support, not just to email or to chat.

Currently, this plan costs 9 Euros/month (little over 10 USD/month), if you have chosen the annual billing.


The most expensive plan for websites, Business, costs 19 Euros/month (almost 22 USD/month) if the annual billing is chosen.

Although the Pro plan has a lot of useful features, the Business plan takes things to another level, especially with unlimited members and with membership registration.

Also, the eCommerce features are better than the Pro plan, offering for instance 0% transaction fees and unlimited products.

For Online Stores

weebly pricing full table for online stores

Although you can have some eCommerce features on Website plans, Weebly has a set of dedicated an eCommerce plans for running online stores.

The Starter plan is the least expensive eCommerce plan and currently costs 6 Euros/month (close to 7 USD/month).

You can have up to 10 products and a free domain. The transaction fee for your store is 3%.


This plan adds more power to your online store and is packed with more features when compared to the Starter plan.

On top of getting a free domain and unlimited storage (you also get these with the Starter plan) for 9 Euros/month, you can also create a membership site up to 100 members and have 25 products in your store. 


Next, we have the Business plan. In addition to the features of the Pro plan, you also get things like:

  • 0% transaction fee
  • Unlimited products
  • Digital goods on your store
  • Shipping and tax calculator

The annual price for this plan is 19 Euros/month (close to 22 USD/month).


Finally, we have the most expensive store plan, which costs 29 Euros/month (approximately 33 USD/month).

The most notable differences in this plan when compared to other plans are the real-time shipping rates (available in US, CA and MX only) and five email campaigns per month to 500 contacts per email.

Three Things You Don't Know about Weebly Pricing (Or Might Have Overlooked)

In many ways, Weebly’s pricing is simple. Then again, there are certain points which you have to be aware of with Weebly pricing:

1) You can run only one website per plan. This is a standard practice with the majority of online site builders. If you want to run more than one website on Weebly, you have to subscribe to as many plans as the number of websites you want to run.

2) The prices you see on the pricing table are annual prices. Therefore, the monthly prices in this table are less expensive than if you chose the month-to-month billing cycle.

weebly pricing without month to month prices

3) If you want to see the actual month-to-month pricing, you’ll have to log into your account and click Upgrade:

weebly pricing upgrade plan

Then you’ll see the following table with the monthly pricing information:

weebly pricing information with monthly billing

I think that this information should definitely be visible on the public pricing page as well, without having to log into your account first.

Other Services You Might Want to Purchase


Weebly doesn’t offer email accounts out of the box. Instead, they have partnered with Google’s G Suite service on this.

Currently, the price for one year is 49 USD (close to 43 Euros) per user.

weebly pricing g suite pricing

You get a 15-day trial when you sign-up with G Suite.


You can run your Weebly website for free. However, if you want to give a professional impression of your site, you need a dedicated domain name.

Currently, the cost for registering a .com domain through Weebly is 18 Euros per year (close to 21 USD per year)

weebly pricing register a domain

Naturally, when you register a domain for longer period of time, the price drops a bit.

Just for the comparison, purchasing a domain through a third-party registrar like Namecheap costs 8.88 USD (7.7 Euros) per year. However, this is a special price at the time of writing this article, and the normal price for one year is approximately 11 USD per year (9.6 Euros). Still, it is less expensive than registering a domain name through Weebly.

Keep in mind that Weebly offers a free domain for one year for premium plans. Still, the yearly costs (after one year) are less expensive with other registrars (like NameCheap).

weebly pricing register domain through namecheap


weebly pricing app center

There are three types of apps in the Weebly App Center: Free, free/premium and premium. These apps can add extra to your monthly website costs (depending on the app, of course).

Here is a brief rundown of these apps:


The free version is obviously the one you don’t have to pay for:

weebly pricing free apps

Free / Premium

You can also use a hybrid pricing version, free/premium, which has some free features. In order to unlock the rest of the features, you have to purchase a subscription (monthly or yearly) for the app to get access to premium features.

weebly pricing free premium app


Finally, you have the premium apps, which do not include any free features. In other words, you’ll have to pay for them if you want to use them on your website.

weebly pricing premium app

Weebly Promote

Weebly also includes email marketing tools that they call Weebly Promote.

weebly pricing promote

You have three plans to choose from, and the prices range from 7.50 Euros to 69 Euros per month (that’s between 8.50 USD and 79 USD). The pricing is based on the annual pricing. 

weebly pricing promote prices

You can also choose a monthly pricing cycle but then the price is higher. 

For instance, with the Build plan, the price per month is 9 Euros (10 USD), while with the annual pricing the cost is only 7.50 Euros (8.50 USD) per month.

weebly pricing promote monthly prices

Accessing and Cancelling Subscription Information

If signing up with a website builder is easy, it should be as easy to cancel the subscription if you are not using it anymore. This is fortunately the case with Weebly.

To access Weebly’s subscription information, you’ll have to log in to your dashboard, and then click Account:

weebly pricing account settings

From there, you can easily see all the billing-related information or even cancel your subscription, if necessary.

weebly pricing billing information

Top 3 Premium Features

You can get started with Weebly for free. But to unleash the full power of the platform, take a look at these features, which are only available for premium subscribers:

1) Site stats (from Starter and Up).

This functionality gives you a better idea on how your audience engages with your content. In other words, which pages are visited more often, how much traffic you are getting in total, and a bunch of other key metrics:

weebly pricing site stats

2) HD audio and video (from Pro and Up).

Want to display HD-level video and audio on your site without any branding? This can be done by uploading media content to your site and then showing it to your website visitors with Weebly’s own video and audio player:

weebly pricing hd video audio
weebly pricing video and audio players

3) Password protection (from Pro and Up). 

With this feature, you can limit the user accessibility, either by to your whole site, or to a specific page:

weebly pricing site password

Weebly Pricing: The Verdict and the Conclusion

After a detailed look through Weebly pricing, I found it very easy to understand for the most part.

However, if I was in charge of developing new features for Weebly, I would improve a couple of things.

First, there should be a currency converter on the Weebly pricing page, where you can switch the pricing between different currencies. Squarespace currently has this type of converter on its pricing page.

Then, having one place to show all the expenses; even forecasting the costs on a yearly basis would be really nice.

For instance, as well as having a website and a domain subscription, you might also have various apps installed, even some services, that increase the monthly/yearly costs of your site.

Finally, getting the monthly billing information should be easier. In other words, when you access the public Weebly pricing page, you only see the monthly prices if you have chosen the annual pricing. 

However, if you’d like to see the real month-to-month price, you have to log in to your account first and then hit Upgrade on your dashboard to see the real monthly figures.


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