Wix Domains: Want to Save Some Money?

You don’t need to purchase a domain when you build a website. But it is highly recommended that you do so if you want to give a professional image of yourself. 

In this article, I talk about Wix domains and how to register a domain name through Wix. I also introduce another way to register domains, although this route is a bit more technical. Yet, you can save money by taking advantage of it.





  • The whole process can be done easily without leaving the platform.
  • Customer support is there for you, helping you with any questions.


  • It’s much cheaper to register a domain through NameCheap than through Wix.
  • Live chat can help you with potential issues.


  • It’s more expensive to register domains when compared to NameCheap.
  • Although you can access Wix customer support, they don’t provide a chat channel for almost real-time support conversations.


  • Some technical knowledge is needed when connecting a domain registered on the NameCheap platform to a Wix website.
  • You will have to leave the Wix platform and register a domain on an external service.

Introducing Wix Domains

Please Note!

The US dollar prices mentioned in this post are just estimates. Since it’s not possible to switch currencies on the Wix website, I converted the EUR prices to US dollars with the current exchange rate. However, these prices are not final, since you will most likely have to add some additional costs (like taxes), to get the real USD price.

So, why would you register a domain with Wix in the first place? There are, after all, plenty of registrars on the web that can do this same process much cheaper.

Actually, there are a couple of reasons.

First, it’s a simple thing to do. Wix has made the whole registration process and hooking the domain to your website very easy. 

Second, all whole domain management happens in one place, on the Wix platform. 

In other words, you don’t need to leave Wix when registering or managing domains unless you want to. I think that this factor brings a lot of comfort, especially for those folks who are not technically savvy.

Third, customer support is always available, one ticket away. So, if you run into any issues, you can be assured that you’ll get help from them.

Finally, you get a free domain for one year if certain conditions are met (see the special condition for this later in this post).

Registering a Wix Domains

Who Is Eligible for a Free Domain

Before you get started with registering Wix domains, you should upgrade to a Wix premium plan first.

wix domains premium plans

When you upgrade, you can then use a free domain voucher (assuming that you are upgrading your plan to Premium, and you are using the annual pricing cycle).

Registering a Domain Through Wix

To get started with Wix domain registration, log into your dashboard first. There, choose your profile name at the top right and then choose Domains:

wix domains choose account

Next, choose Add Domain on the top right:

wix domains add new

Please Note!

Please note that the previous screen may look different, depending on if you have already registered a domain.

Then choose Buy a new domain:

wix domains buy a domain

On the next screen, you have a search form where you can enter the domain name you want to find:

wix search for a domain

What happens next depends on the search results you get. It’s possible that the domain you searched for was already taken:

wix no domains found

In this case, Wix suggests some other domain names that are available.

On the other hand, if the domain you searched for was available, you’ll see this:

wix domain search successful

When you click the Go button, you’ll have a chance to upgrade your plan or register the available domain:

wix upgrade plan

If you upgrade, you can use the aforementioned voucher to earn a free domain for the first year (assuming that you choose the annual billing cycle).

However, since in this particular case I didn’t want to upgrade, I clicked the link to purchase the domain:

wix upgrade plan buy a domain

I then started going through the wizard where I entered all the necessary information related to my domain.

The first step was the billing period:

wix purchase domain period

Obviously, the more years you choose in this screen affects the total price you pay and how much money you save. Right now, I chose the one-year registration, and it cost me 14.95 EUR / year (approximately 17 USD / year).

Next, you’ll enter your personal information:

wix purchase domain personal info

You also have to decide whether to enter the Tech Contact Information and Admin Contact Information or not. 

wix purchase domain tech admin contact info

In normal circumstances, I leave these options as checked (in other words, the tech and the admin contact information are the same as my personal information). However, if you belong to a big organization, admin and technical roles could be done by a different person with different contact information.

Once you have entered all the necessary personal information, click Continue and choose the privacy options:

wix purchase domain privacy options

Personally, I always choose the Full Privacy Protection because that prevents others from seeing my contact information when using WHOIS (this is a legitimate tool for searching domain information). 

The privacy option costs extra for sure, but it’s still an option I suggest you take if you register a domain through Wix.

Finally, you get to enter your payment information. 

wix purchase payment information

And once that’s done, click the Submit Purchase information, and you are done.

Hooking Your Domain to the Wix Website

So, you registered a new domain name. Great!

What happens next is that you have to connect your new domain to one of your Wix premium plan websites. 

You do this by going back to your Wix dashboard, choose your name at the top right (your username) and choose Domains.

wix hook your domain

You then land to your own domains section where you get to hook your registered domain to your premium-level plan:

wix my domains

Here, you link the purchased domain to your Wix site by choosing the unassigned domain name and clicking the assign link.

Pointing an Existing Domain to a Wix Website

You can hook your existing domain (registered elsewhere) to your Wix site as well. However, this is demonstrated in the next section, where I register a domain through NameCheap.

Registering a Domain Through NameCheap

If you have been reading my blog, you might have noticed that I’m a big fan of NameCheap. It’s my favorite domain registrar, and there are two reasons for this: the service is easy to use and it’s inexpensive. 

The latter factor is important, especially when compared to the domain pricing of Wix (or almost any other online sitebuilder).

To get started with NameCheap, you should register an account with them first. Once you have done that, make sure you have logged into your account and chosen Domains at the top menu and then Domain Name Search:

wix namecheap domains menu

You’ll then see the domain search form where you can enter your desired domain name:

wix namecheap domain search form

If the search yielded no results, you have an option to choose another domain for your website:

wix namecheap no results

However, if the domain name was available, just click the add to cart button:

wix namecheap domain available

Then click View Cart button, and you’ll land to this view:

wix namecheap domain details

Here you can choose various options regarding your domain; for instance, if the domain name is automatically renewed (I have normally changed this option to manual), or what is the registration time (I usually register for one year at a time). 

You can also choose the WHOISGuard option or not. But since it is automatically included in the registration price (at least at the time of writing), you should definitely take it. Even if it wasn’t, you should still pay some extra and take it.


Because this option gives you some extra protection towards those who lurk other domain name information by using the WHOIS tool. The equivalent privacy option when registering a domain through Wix is the Full Privacy Protection in the Privacy section.

Then click the Confirm Order button if everything is OK on the domain details page:

wix namecheap confirm order

Next, you’ll have to enter your billing information and click the Continue button:

wix namecheap payment options

Finally, you see the details of your order, and by clicking Pay Now, your domain is then registered and paid:

wix namecheap pay now

Once that’s done, it’s time to hook up the new domain to your Wix site.

Hooking Your NameCheap-Registered Domain to Your Wix Website

You still have to do a bit of work before the new domain name can be actually used. To do this, I assume that you have a premium-level Wix plan already. If you do, then take these steps with NameCheap.

First, log into your NameCheap account and make sure you are in the Dashboard view. To make sure, click your username at the top left to see a dropdown and choose Dashboard:

wix namecheap dashboard

You will then land to a page which shows you all the domains you own:

wix namecheap domains list

Let’s say that I’d like to hook up one of my domains, timostestdomain.com, to a Wix website. In that case, I would choose the domain on the list first:

wix namecheap manage domain

Then, I would see a page like this:

wix namecheap dns

The most important part on this page is the section Nameservers. Here is where you set the Wix Domain Name Servers (DNS) with your domain name. 

First, make sure you have chosen the Custom DNS value on the dropdown on the Nameservers section. Once you have done that, enter the Wix DNS information to the Nameserver fields.

In this case, the Nameserver 1 field gets the value ns6.wixdns.net, and the Nameserver 2 field gets the value ns7.wixdns.net. Once you have entered the values, click the green checkmark to confirm your change.

You have now hooked your NameCheap-registered domain with the Wix DNS settings. This change might take up to 48 hours until all the nameservers on the Internet have been updated with the information.

There is still one final step to take and that’s hooking the domain with your Wix website.

Log into your Wix Dashboard, choose your name (username) at the top right and choose Domains:

wix hook your domain

You then land to a list of your own domains where you can hook your registered domain to your premium-level plan:

wix my domains

On this view, click the Add Domains button and then choose “Connect a domain you already own”:

wix add custom domains

You will then choose the premium plan you want to hook your domain with. And when that step is done, your new domain (considering that the DNS information is already updated throughout the Internet) is in use with your website.

Wix Domains Costs

The pricing is the most important reason why I’m not registering my domains through Wix (or through any other online sitebuilder platform for that matter). Registering a domain is more expensive when you do it through Wix than through a registrar like NameCheap.

Let’s take a look at how these domain name prices are formed.

According to Wix, these factors define the domain price:

  • Domain extension: In my examples, I’m using .com.
  • Your currency: I live in EU, so my currency is EUR.
  • Number of registration years: I have used one year in the examples in this article.
  • Privacy policy: I have always chosen the Full Privacy option here.
  • VAT: This depends on your country.

Now that you know how the final price is formed and what are my preferences, here is an actual Wix domains pricing story:

A .com domain, registered for one year, costs close to 31 Euros (this is approximately 27 US Dollars).

wix domain full price

This price contains not just the domain, but also the Full Privacy Protection (which I strongly suggest you take) and also VAT (which is dependent on the country).

However, if you have a voucher, you can cut down the domain costs a bit since you can have a free domain for the first year. This special offer is possible only if you have upgraded to a premium-level Wix plan, with annual billing cycle.

But There is an Alternative

Registering a domain name through NameCheap is way less expensive than through Wix.

So, if I decided to register a .com domain with the privacy protection option, the registration price, 7.99 EUR (9.06 US dollars), would be formed like this:

wix namecheap domain details

This price includes the taxes, the WHOIS protection (which is equivalent to Full Privacy Protection in Wix) and, of course, the .com domain for one year.

Considering that the .com domain costs a bit over 30 Euros with Wix, there is a huge price difference between these two operators.

Wix Domains: The Conclusion

There are both pros and cons on both platforms when it comes to registering the Wix domains.

First, if you choose registration through Wix, everything happens smoothly, and you don’t have to jump into another service to finish this process. Then again, you’ll have to pay more for your domain name.

However, if you choose an external registrar like NameCheap, the price for domain registration costs much less. 

The downside of this is that you have to register a user account on a completely different service, thus you have to know a bit of technical stuff in order to connect your newly-registered domain name to your Wix website.

It is naturally up to you to decide which route you take. And if you are wondering how to handle the technical issues, don’t worry: both platforms provide customer support that can help you.

However, if you run into any issues with either one of the services, you can also leave a comment here. I can try to help you the best way I can.


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