Wix Support vs. Weebly Support vs. Jimdo Support: Which Performs the Best?

There were times when I didn’t appreciate the support of a product or service that much. All I cared about was features, and how much they cost. I also thought that I was technically competent enough to overcome any technical obstacles.


But now I have matured, and I think that support has become one of the strongest points when choosing a product or service. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying something if you run into issues later and can’t solve them yourself?

In this post, we are going to compare the Wix Support, Weebly Support and Jimdo Support, and how well they perform in real life.

For this comparison, I’m testing the support with free plans on each website builder. This should give an excellent idea if the support is any good.

 My rationale is that if it performs well on the free plan, then rest assured, the performance will most likely improve with any of the premium plans.

Customer Supports at Glance

  • Wix:
  • Customer Support Options: ****
  • UI and Usability: ***
  • Quality of Response: **
  • Overall: 3 stars
  • Weebly:
  • Customer Support Options: ****
  • UI and Usability: ****
  • Quality of Response: **
  • Overall: 3.3 stars
  • Jimdo:
  • Customer Support Options: **
  • UI and Usability: ****
  • Quality of Response: ****
  • Overall: 3.3 stars
  • Verdict (winner): Jimdo



  • WIX:
  • Plenty of support options.
  • Sometimes the responses were quite fast.
  • Support options are easy to find.
  • Finding the support was straightforward.
  • JIMDO:
  • Friendly support.
  • Sometimes they even combined two of my tickets and responded at once.
  • WIX:
  • No chat support.
  • A couple of times they answered to something else that I initially asked.
  • Sometimes the response took a long time.
  • The community seemed to  be quiet.
  • JIMDO:
  • Limited support options.
  • No chat.

My Expectations

To be quite honest, the only expectation I had was that the support with these free plans wasn’t going to be very professional or quick. After all, why would these online site builders support free plan owners promptly, when there were (plenty) of paying customers already?

So, let’s see what happened to my expectations.

Six Ways of Getting Support

The support options between three site builders varied a bit. There was also one support method which is common to all the companies. So, let’s start with it first.

1. Knowledge Base

This common support method is called a knowledge base. In other words, it’s a place where you can find the online documentation that is related to the service.

With Wix, this knowledge base is called Wix Help Center:

Wix Help Center

Jimdo’s counterpart is called Jimdo Support Center:

Jimdo Support Center

Finally, Weebly’s knowledge base is called Weebly Help Center:

Weebly Support Center

In all the cases, the KB was divided into different topic categories, to help you find the information you were looking for. Also, you could also use the search functionality, to locate the help articles easier.

What was great for a beginner, was that each of these KBs contained a section dedicated to them:

Wix Help Center Getting Started
Jimdo Support Center Getting Started
Weebly Support Center Getting Started

All the KBs provided articles with text, accompanied by images, sometimes even with videos. These components (when combined) should give the topic very detailed treatment when trying to explain why something works the way it works.

What is noticeable with any of the Knowledge Bases is that very often you had to browse through link lists, until you found your article (unless you didn’t use the search functionality).

For instance, with Wix, the page could look like this:

Wix Support Link List

The fastest way to find your way around in the knowledge base was to use the search functionality, and every KB provided this option.

KB has its place when it comes to customer support.

2. Phone

Some site builders offer phone support for their customers, and in this includes Wix and Weebly.

Wix offers phone support in two ways.

First, you can call them to get help with your pressing support questions. Second, they also provide a call-back service within their office hours.

With Weebly, they only offer the phone support for the Pro and Business plans. However, call-back service is not included in their phone support.

Weebly’s phone support is available every day, although it’s not 24 hours/day service. Also, during the weekends, the phone support is available for fewer hours.

Wix offers phone support from Monday till Friday. It’s also not a 24 hours/day operation, nor does it operate during the weekends or holidays. While the phone support hours are more limited than with Weebly, they offer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Phone support option is great for some folks, but I’m not a fan of it.

First, since the English language is not my native language, I find it easier to communicate with someone in a written form. Second, I’m not a fan of long-distance calls, mainly because of the costs (earlier you had to pay the call, even if you answered the phone).

3. Email/Tickets

All the reviewed site builders offered email/ticket support route. This is also one of the primary ways to contact the support team.

The steps to the ticket submission form are not always so straightforward, and there is a reason for that.

Like mentioned, all the reviewed site builders have a lot of users, and I’m guessing they are getting a lot of support requests daily. They try to enforce the user to look at the knowledge base articles first, before submitting the ticket. This way they can reduce their workload and help the customer better.

With Wix, submitting the support ticket takes some extra steps, and I share my experience of it at the end of this chapter (Picking the Right Category for Your Wix Tickets).

Jimdo’s support experiences are much more simplified when compared to Wix’s. All you have to do is to click the question mark at the bottom-right on the page after you have logged in to your dashboard:

Video coming soon!

With Weebly, getting into support is even easier. It all starts by going to the Weebly Help Center, and if you can’t find the right KB article that solves your issue, you can either click the Email Us or Chat with Us buttons:

Video coming soon!

Picking the Right Category for Your Wix Tickets

I have experienced the Wix ticket system to be a bit too complicated, and I talked about this on my Wix Support Video.

If you don’t want to watch it, here is a quick explanation of it.

Like with any other site builder, Wix redirects the user first to their knowledge base. Now, let’s assume that you had questions related to Wix site templates and how to access them:

Wix Site Templates

Perhaps you found the KB article describing your issue. If you are happy to the artocöe, you are all fine, and you can get back to work.

However, if you are not happy, you’ll have to click the No link, which then reveals the Contact Us link. You may be thinking that, OK, now I get the access to customer support. But hold your horses, we are not there yet!

Wix Site Templates 2

You’ll have to pick a category for your request on the next page:

Wix Site Templates 3

Up to this point, everything was clear. But on this page, I couldn’t figure out what to do next. Let me ask you this: when you look at the categories on the previous image, are you able to spot the right category when the site templates are concerned? Yeah, me neither!

If your question was related to Domains, then things would be simple. But with site templates … nothing. You could go through several menus to find your right category, but at least I wasn’t able to find a right one.

After becoming frustrated, I picked the Other category, and from there, I chose the Other option:

Wix Site Templates 4

And that would be the category for this ticket. At least I think so 😊.

4. Chat

When it comes to accessing customer support, chat is my preferred way of doing it. It has two major strengths over the other support channels:

  • It’s real-time.
  • I don’t have to make a call.

Of course, the added benefit is the ability to write your questions before submitting them.

Currently, there is only Weebly, which is offering chat support. I think that other online site builders should offer this option too.

Based on my experiences with the chat support, I had no complaints, and I was able to get answers to my questions well.

Weebly Chat

5. Community

Out of the three website builders reviewed in this post, only one offers a community, where users and post and answer questions:

Weebly Community

I think that this is a great idea, and it would make sense for other online site builders to offer this type of service, too.

What I noticed, however, is that at least the recently posted questions don’t have any replies to them:

Weebly Community Recent

6. Social Media

Wix is the only one of the bunch which offers also support through Social Media channels. To be exact, and as Wix states, “our community managers will be happy to help you connect with the right people on our support team.

Honestly speaking, I can’t remember a time when I asked for support through social media, and I have never used this option with Wix either. But on the other hand, this channel would be sufficient for some people to contact the support.




















Yes *





Yes *



* Wix: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus

* Weebly: Pro and Business plans 

Verdict: Wix

The best of the bunch when it comes to support options is Weebly. Not only does it provide traditional support channels, like submitting tickets or phone support, but also chat and community options.

I think that chat should be available for every online site builder. It makes solving your issues faster and easier.

User Interface and Usability

The user interface and usability are mostly well thought out, although Wix’s UI is a bit cluttered. I’m guessing that this is caused by so much content on their support center.

But the more significant issue I had with usability was described in the earlier section called “Picking the Right Category for Your Wix Tickets”. I’m not going to repeat that over here again, so look at it to see what I mean.

The easiest way to access the support was by Weebly. All you had to do was to enter the support page, and then click either the Chat with Us or Email Us buttons, to contact the support personnel:

Weebly Support Buttons

Then, after a couple of steps, you got to submit your ticket to the support personnel (see the Weebly Support video earlier in this post, to see the steps)

It was relatively easy to access Jimdo’s “real” support too. All you had to do was to go the Jimdo Support Center and click Contact link:

Jimdo Support Contact

Once you chose your plan,

Jimdo Support Plan

you could enter your support request:

Jimdo Support Form

Verdict: Weebly

What I liked about Weebly was that chat and email buttons were available on the front page of the help center, without having to click around to get to the customer support.

One piece of improvement I would make to Weebly’s chat option, and that would be to state it’s opening hours clearly. In fact, I would like to see all open hours of support on the front page of the help center. Hopefully, Weebly would fix this at some point.

Quality of Support

Based on all the experiences I had with these three site builders, the Wix was the most responsive. Even with a free plan, they got back to me, sometimes twice within a 24-hour period (meaning, I submitted my initial request, they replied, I replied back to them, and they replied back to me).

If you happen to buy any of the Wix’s premium plans, you will also get premium support. According to Wix,

when you submit a ticket, the ticket is automatically placed in the premium ticket queue to receive a faster reply.

So according to them, you should get an even faster response to your questions this way                                                                                                                                             

One thing that I happened to notice with Wix was that you had to be very thorough when describing your issue on the ticket. Now, this is nothing special, and that’s something I encourage you to do anyway so that the support personnel have all the necessary information they need.

However, I also noticed that even with this practice, I still did not get an answer to my initial question. And that meant describing the issue again. Thus some extra emails were lengthening the overall ticket solving case.

Perhaps this issue is because they (Wix) are getting so many support requests per day, and time to concentrate on one case, until moving on to the next, is not enough. I don’t know, and this is of course just my speculation.

I didn’t have these types of issues with Jimdo or with Weebly.

Jimdo promises friendly support for their Pro plan within one or two business days:

Jimdo Pro Plan Support

For Business and Platinum subscribers, they promise support within 2-4 hours:

Jimdo Business Plan Support

Based on my experiences on the Free plan, the support worked flawlessly, and even I was eligible for friendly support 😊.

Weebly gives support for every subscriber level. However, the Pro and Business users can only have phone support

Weebly Plans Support

What I noticed with Weebly, though, was that sometimes the response took a long time. But I’m guessing that the responses had been more prompt if I was a paying subscriber.

Verdict: Jimdo

Based on the responses I got, Jimdo won this race. The support staff was helpful, and I got answers to my questions. Also, even though I used a free plan, I got helpful answers to my questions relatively fast.


What I found was that no support was perfect in this review, and all the companies have something to improve with their support.

But, if I had to pick the winner of this review, it would be Jimdo. Although it doesn’t provide chat support, it left the most professional experience.

And yes, this particular factor was the reason why I chose Jimdo to be the winner, even though it had the same score as Weebly. In other words, with Weebly, the responses were slower. But with Jimdo, I got prompt answers every time.